A Campaign Ends, but the Movement Continues

All In Team July 27, 2022

Farewell, All In. Hello, NeighborGood Guide.

Three years ago, hundreds of you stood with us in Duboce Park to show our commitment to advocating for new solutions to homelessness.

Since then, thousands more of you have pledged your support for the simple yet bold proposition that every resident of San Francisco should have a safe and stable place to call home. And that collective action — individuals, corporations, nonprofits, and neighborhoods — working together can play a role in ending homelessness in our city. That is why we called the campaign: All In

All In 2019 Launch Event in Duboce Park


We knew that it would take all of us to make progress. Over the course of the campaign, we made incredible strides. Here are a few of the outcomes that I know will impact our City for years to come:

Increased data collection and transparency

We produced our monthly Snapshot, which gathered the available, relevant, current data on homelessness across the city, and crunched that data to make it more accessible, while also offering insights into progress being made to reduce homelessness. In doing so, we tried to connect policies and numbers to the real-world implications for the people whose lives were being affected.

Championed effective, life-changing strategies

Our goal was to create 1,100 new units of permanent supportive housing all over the city. We advocated for a flexible housing subsidy pool because we believe that every neighborhood can step up to help end homelessness. Today, the flexible housing subsidy pool has become a pillar of the City’s housing strategy. The City has budgeted over $150 million dollars to support a goal of housing over 1,400 people in rental units all across San Francisco. We hope that you will continue to monitor the City’s progress.

Engaged the Public in Solutions to Homelessness

As we said from the outset, the public’s role is essential in driving and achieving long-term, lasting progress. So, we designed the campaign to educate and engage. And, you did both. You got smarter on the issue and shared that wisdom with friends and family. You called, texted, and wrote letters to elected officials and other City leaders asking them to do more, and to act with greater urgency in exiting our neighbors from homelessness. You have helped to ensure that our City leaders continue to make homelessness a top issue.

Centered individuals with lived experience

Just as we know the public has a role to play in solutions to homelessness, we know it is also absolutely critical that we lead with the voices of those who have been there. The Community Advisory Board (CAB) formed by Tipping Point’s Chronic Homelessness Initiative served as our campaign’s compass readers, guiding us in both practice and procedure. Our Community Focus blog series and our ‘What Does Home Mean to You?’ storytelling event highlighted those at the forefront of this work, sharing invaluable lessons and insights on the realities, needs, and challenges that exist for our unhoused neighbors.

Now, we turn the movement over to you. While All In is formally sunsetting, an engaged public is critical to success and we know the thousands of you who have fueled this movement will keep it going. That’s why we’ve created an evergreen tool to support San Franciscans in finding their roles in solutions to homelessness: The NeighborGood Guide.

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The Guide will continue our collective effort by providing a lasting tool that can be used to engage and activate wider communities in the work to end homelessness. Please explore the NeighborGood Guide for yourself and share it with your networks.

And, we hope you’ll stay connected to Tipping Point who powered the All In Campaign, as they continue to invest in effective homelessness solutions in San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area. Click here to receive email updates from Tipping Point.

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On behalf of the entire All In Campaign team, thank you for your support. It has been a pleasure and an honor. I hope you’ll join me in continuing the journey by spreading the word about The NeighborGood Guide.

Andrea Evans
All In Campaign Manager