From homeless to housed: June Snapshot

All In Team June 21, 2022

Every month, we track the number of people who exited homelessness in San Francisco so we can determine if we are on pace to meet our housing goals for the year. Staying on top of this information helps us ask the important questions – of ourselves and others – to make sure we are doing everything possible to get people off the streets and into homes.

In April, 145 people exited  homelessness, bringing our Year To Date total to 586.

One hallmark of All In has been our consistent focus on highlighting the disproportionalities experienced by Black and LGBTQ+ unhoused San Franciscans. We have done so for three main reasons: (1) we believe that you must be able to accurately identify a problem before you can address it; (2) the disproportionalities are so great that if we don’t redesign our homelessness response system to better meet the needs of Black and LGBTQ+ residents, we won’t see a meaningful reduction in homelessness; and (3) a city that prides itself on compassion and innovation must live up to those values by advocating for new strategies that put equity at the forefront.

As we celebrate Pride Month, we could not be more thrilled to share that the Department of Homelessness & Supportive Housing (HSH) has made the bold and historic decision to develop and sufficiently fund a plan to end transgender homelessness in San Francisco. Over the next few years, HSH will allocate 150 scattered site rental subsidies to house transgender people, acquire and operate a building to serve 50-80 transgender youth, and spend $6 million dollars to build the capacity of organizations that support transgender residents and provide an array of flexible funding supports. 

This ambitious plan would not have been possible without the additional resources that so many of you voted for in Proposition C, the advocacy of many non-profit leaders and activists, and the new leadership at HSH who decided to prioritize this population. We tip our hats to all those who crunched the numbers, convened stakeholders, and did all the legwork to bring the plan to fruition.

So too this plan certainly would not have been possible without the advocacy of residents and activists throughout the City, like you, demanding that we put our money where our mouth is when it comes to truly meeting the needs of some of our most marginalized communities. Indeed, we can’t overstate the role that you and the entire All In community play in bringing about change like this. As we have said from day one, homelessness will not be solved overnight and it will not be solved by the government alone. We all have a role to play in pushing for greater transparency, accountability, and action. 

Your voices have made an impact. And, we know that you will continue to have an impact by using your voices to demand progress on homelessness in San Francisco.

We need you! All In is a campaign built on the people of San Francisco, and here’s how you can show up for our unhoused neighbors: 

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