From homeless to housed: June Snapshot

Luisa Montes June 23, 2021

Every month, we track the number of people who exited homelessness in San Francisco so we can determine if we are on pace to meet our housing goals for the year. Staying on top of this information helps us ask the important questions – of ourselves and others – to make sure we are doing everything possible to get people off the streets and into homes.

In San Francisco, 114 people exited homelessness in the month of April, for a total of 394 people through April 2021.

As we have shared,  most of the Our City, Our Home Committee’s recommendations were incorporated into the Mayor’s proposed budget. That budget is now pending at the Board of Supervisors, and the members have the authority to modify the proposed budget. It is up to us to make sure the City’s final budget reflects the strategic imperatives that were voiced by hundreds of community members during the OCOH community listening sessions. 


The OCOH Committee focused on recommendations that build a system where more people exit homelessness for good, instead of experiencing the revolving door of shelter to streets and back to shelter. This includes recommendations to invest in housing to help 2,700+ people exit homelessness permanently, behavioral health services for 4,500+ people, and measures that are estimated to prevent homelessness for 7,000+ people over the next two years. 

We have said time and again that homelessness will not be solved with a one-size-fits-all approach because everyone needs something different to get into and stay in a home. Now, we now have the resources for services that we know will get people into homes permanently because these are the very services that our unhoused neighbors have asked for.

We also continue to track the effort to move people from Shelter-in-Place (SIP) hotels into permanent homes. Data from the end of May show that we ended Phase 2 at 13% of our goal to move individuals from SIP hotels into permanent homes. 

As we enter the third phase of this rehousing effort, we are learning more about how these exits to housing are taking place and can engage in a deeper analysis of the data. We’ll be sure to share what those updates are and why they matter as they are refined next month.

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