San Franciscans need to get involved in deciding how to spend homeless funds

Andrea Evans September 12, 2020
This post first appeared on The San Francisco Chronicle’s Opinion Page.

The California Supreme Court has ended the legal challenges to Proposition C, the 2018 Homelessness Gross Receipts Tax Measure that created a dedicated funding source for homelessness services — specifically, housing, behavioral health care, shelters and prevention.

The passage of Prop. C. is a victory for voters, the city of San Francisco and, most importantly, the thousands of homeless residents on whose behalf the measure was championed.

Prop. C has unlocked hundreds of millions of dollars for homelessness services. Prop. C also established a nine-person committee, appointed by the mayor, Board of Supervisors and controller’s office, to make recommendations about the distribution of Prop. C funds.

The Prop. C Committee held its first public meeting on Sept. 16. Three members of the Board of Supervisors and several senior department officials attended the meeting, reflecting the importance of the committee’s work.