Help Turn Empty Units Into Homes

Any vacant apartment can become a safe and stable home for someone transitioning from homelessness. Find out how you can help people looking for a home today.

Existing Homes Are part of the solution

There’s stable housing for people to Exit Homelessness all across San Francisco.

Currently, people, including families, youth, and senior citizens, are cycling between short-term shelters and the streets.  New construction is critical to increasing housing supply, but the average new housing development takes five to seven years to complete. To meet the urgency of this moment and make more homes immediately available, we must also help people transition into existing units to move rapidly toward our goal of housing 1,100 people. Stable homes with services provided by leading service providers have proven to be an effective and efficient way to help people permanently break the cycle of homelessness.


How To Connect With The Housing Platform

Brilliant Corners Housing Acquisition Specialist Gabriela Dae

The San Francisco Housing Platform matches property providers with tenants. Operated by Brilliant Corners, the Platform manages a seamless process from tenant application to inspections to move-in to rent payments, turning empty units into homes and helping people get back on their feet. To learn more about making a home available to a tenant who has experienced homelessness, call (415) 618-0012 or email

“The Brilliant Corners team not only cares about the success of their clients, they are truly committed to ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship with their property partners.” — Erik Starr, Maximus Real Estate Partners


Incentives and Benefits 

The platform offers a portfolio of incentives and benefits to property owners who provide quality, affordable, community-based housing to individuals in need, including:

  • A pool of ready tenants 
  • Zero vacancy loss—that is, get paid even when tenants are still being matched
  • Reliable rent payments
  • Easy, convenient, professional management
  • Ongoing support from Brilliant Corners Staff to liaise between property provider and tenant

To learn more about the San Francisco Housing Platform and Brilliant Corners, click here!


Help Turn Empty Units Into Homes

Housing Manager Eric Mills (right) with a partnering property provider

Do you have an empty unit that’s available? Do you know someone who has one? Fill out the following form and check the box for how you want to help. We’ll reach out to you to get more details and determine the best next steps. Thanks for being part of the solution.