Frequently asked questions

The causes of homelessness are as complex as people’s experiences are diverse. The solutions, however, are clear. The All In campaign is grounded in evidence-based research and the perspectives of those with lived experience of homelessness. We encourage you to explore answers to the most frequently asked questions below. 

If you’re looking to get involved, visit our Action Center. If you want to understand how homes and supportive services help reduce homelessness, visit the Learning Center.


Getting or providing help 

Is there a number to call or website to visit that will give me a sense of what resources are out there and what direction to point people?

What can I do to support people experiencing homelessness?

How can people experiencing homelessness access shelter or services? 

Where can people experiencing homelessness seek shelter during winter weather? 


Homelessness In San Francisco

What causes homelessness?

How many people are experiencing homelessness in San Francisco?

Why does homelessness seem like such a problem in San Francisco? Is it worse than other cities?

Is it true that most people experiencing homelessness in San Francisco are drawn here for the services and good weather?

How does housing impact health?

What is the relationship between gentrification and homelessness?

Is it true that a lot of people on the streets refuse offers of help because they want to live on the streets? 

What is the difference between the Housing and Urban Development definition of homelessness and the San Francisco definition and how does that distinction impact the PIT Count?


Shelter and housing

What’s the difference between shelters, housing, navigation centers, and other solutions I’ve heard about? 

Will housing for people experiencing homelessness negatively impact my neighborhood or the surrounding property values?

What new budget commitments is the City making to reduce homelessness? 

How much does San Francisco actually spend on homelessness?

What can I do to help?