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Now Recruit Your Friends

Thank you for pledging to recruit five friends or family members. Here are three simple ways you can get started today – either by Facebook, SMS, or email.

1. Recruit Via Facebook

Post the All In pledge to Facebook and tag five friends or family members asking them to join.

Copy and paste this link into a Facebook post to get started:

Share on Facebook:

A sample post could look like the following:

“Reducing homelessness in San Francisco starts with all of us. That’s why I joined the @SFALLINHOMES campaign. Please speak up for homes and services in your neighborhood today. Can you sign the pledge @Emily @John @Elijah @Samantha @Renee?”


2. Recruit via mobile

An easy way to join the campaign is through text messaging. Simply text five friends or family members and ask them to text “HOMES” to 97779 to join.

A sample text could look like the following:

“I joined a new campaign in SF to promote solutions to homelessness. They’re asking people to speak up for homes and services in their neighborhoods. Please join by texting HOMES to 97779.”



3. Recruit via email

You can personalize the following email template to send to your friends and family members. 

Did you know that the number of people experiencing homelessness in San Francisco has increased?

I wanted to invite you to join me in this new campaign to do something about it. I signed the pledge to support homes and services in my neighborhood — and I encourage you to do the same.

Speak up and get involved today: